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The Sentinels: Memoirs Of A Cunt

19th May 2003 / Rotodisc / # N/A

Seven Inch Vinyl (ROTO007)
A. Memoirs Of A Cunt
B. Memoirs Of A Cunt (Live at the Duchess of York, Leeds)
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This was a limited release that the band issued under a different name, to see if the NME would pick up on it. The idea was to see if they were ignoring Ooberman just for being Ooberman. The track is in fact Where Did I Go Wrong? from Hey Petrunko. The band were actually going to release it before the album came out, but the plan was scrapped. It seems that Danny issued it after the band split, so it is actually the last ever 'Ooberman' release. Also, I don't think the b-side was actually recorded at the Duchess Of York as the band haven't played there since 1999.

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