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The Story So Far

October 1998 / Self Financed / # N/A

Cassette (no cat. number)
A1. Sugar Bum (Demo)
A2. Sur La Plage (Demo)
A3. Roll Me In Cotton (Demo)
A4. 13 (Demo)
A5. Amazing In Bed (Demo)
A6. Tears From A Willow (Demo)
A7. Bees (Demo)
A8. Buster
B1. Close Your Eyes And Dream
B2. Blossoms Falling (Demo)
B3. Shorley Wall (Original Recording)
B4. Today's The Day (Part 1)
B5. Serotonin Smile
B6. A Place I Call Home
B7. Why Did My Igloo Collapse?
B8. Live Again (Don't Die Father)
B9. Honeydew
A demo cassette which eventually got them signed to the Transcopic label for a one off 7" (Sugar Bum). The last few tracks featured on the Shorley Wall EP and most of the other tracks have subsquently been released commerically, either re-recorded or in their original form. Only 200 copies were made.

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